The Potters

R 140.00

I've had the honour of working with Business and Arts, South Africa.
Business and Arts, SA is an Arts Society that empowers artists in South Africa.

In this commission, I illustrated 22 artworks - all showing different artistic disciplines during the introduction of the COVID Lockdown in 2020, South Africa.

  • Some of the artworks show the artist as small and tiny. A representation of our feelings - being overwhelmed, anxious and feeling alone while in isolation. And the other artworks show the artists in their homes, with their families, friends and their pets.
  • These artworks are a tribute inspired by artists but an ode to us all (even non-artists). It is the celebration of our optimism, resilience and perseverance during an uncertain time. Despite our fears, we continue to push forward.
I hope these illustrations bring a little bit of sorrow and loneliness but even MORE inspiration and some chuckles. 
May we never forget all the growth and strength COVID has taught us.
If you would like to see the full collection, please click here.
Artwork is printed on 100% recycled 250gsm Stohne paper, acid free. 
Frames are available in a gorgeous natural brown, matte black or matte white.
- Standard frames are slightly higher and wider than minimal frames.
- A standard frame has a width and height of 30mm. 
- A minimal frame has a width and height of 20mm. 
All frames come with a 30mm visible white cardboard mount.
Clean and organic framing, perfect for styling any living space.
If you would like to see more frames, please click here